Had my first ever reading with Larry, Such a great experience and was 100% on point. I was so amazed at the things he said, he has really helped me overcome issues I had and gave me hope for my future when I thought I had nothing, I would highly recommend Larry to everyone and will be coming back in the near future.


Had my first reading with Larry and was not sure what to expect. I was really put at ease and was shocked at the information that was given to me, and how spot on he was with a description of my Nan.

I will defiantly going to see Larry again.


I was recommended to see Larry as I had several unanswered questions regarding the death of my mum. Larry gave me all the answers that I needed and confirmed what I had believed.


WoW ! Never expected that ! Would recommend. Still cannot believe how accurate Larry was !


I contacted Larry as we had a lot of problems in my mums house, she was so scared to sleep there on her own. We had seen shadows and heard knocks bangs and groans from the bathroom area. Larry immediately went to the bathroom area without any direction from my mum or me.

Larry sat down with us and managed to connect with a man in spirit who was looking for his family. Larry directed him towards his family and we were told he had gone to spirit and was stuck here looking for his loved ones.

We have since had no problems at my mums house. We were both amazed at what we saw and experienced with Larry’s visit.


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